McPherson Cellars


We source our fruit exclusively from the Texas High Plains AVA in west Texas, south of Texas’s panhandle region. Grapes and wine have been produced in the region since the mid-1970s. Our Sagmor vineyard is located in Lubbock County. We partner with the farmers and source the remainder of our fruit from Lost Draw, Timmons Ranch, and Castaño Prado Vineyards, all located in Terry County southwest of Lubbock County.

The AVA’s eastern border lines the 3,000 ft elevation contour along the Caprock Escarpment, creating a steep transitional zone separating the High Plains from the lower plains to the east. Elevation within the AVA ranges from 2,800 to 4,100 feet above sea level, and experiences a continental climate. Soils are predominantly sandy clay loam, though there are over 21 soil associations throughout the entire AVA. Rainfall averages only 18 inchers per year, so most vineyards are irrigated. The growing season is mostly hot, dry summer days and cooler evenings that help retain acidity levels in the grapes.