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Chocolate Covered Orange Biscotti

Recipe thanks to Manda Levy, Uprising Texas In 2017, when we were presented with the opportunity to work with orange muscat, we knew it was both a challenge and an opportunity we could not turn down! While dessert wines are not regularly part of our portfolio, we hope you’ll enjoy this wine as much as […]

French Onion Soup

This easy french onion soup is the perfect cozy, healthy soup recipe to warm you up on cold winter days! Caramelized onions in a savory beef broth using McPherson Cellars Sherry, topped with croutons and melted cheese—is there anything more delicious?... Read More

South Texas Shrimp Fajitas

Along the Texas coast, fajitas made from Gulf shrimp fresh from the ocean are a local favorite. After a lively bath in grapefruit juice and lime, the shrimp is quickly cooked on a hot skillet then stuffed into warm tortillas with peppers and onions. Lively and satisfying, these South Texas shrimp fajitas pair well with a crisp glass of white wine, like McPherson Cellars Verde Verde. And no matter where you find yourself, these tacos will remind you of a day at the beach.... Read More

Kim McPherson: Pioneer and Standard-Bearer of Texas Wine

'There are few people better known in the Texas wine industry than Kim McPherson. Winemaker at his eponymous winery, McPherson Cellars, consultant, collaborator with Dave Phinney on the widely distributed ‘TX’ member of the ‘Locations’ series of wines (later bought by E&J Gallo), James Beard award double semi-finalist, mentor and muse to at least two generations of Texas winemakers. Now in his late 60s, it seemed like a good time to do a career appraisal."... Read More